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A lot has happened over the last few months, since the zoo reopened in July 2021.   Opening day was a great success for both the zoo gift shop and the long awaited visitors to the zoo.  Many of our animals are enjoying having the people back, especially some of the parrots that love to interact.

The Friends of the Pana’ewa Zoo Gift Shop reopened in it’s new location and is now the entrance to the zoo.  Entrance fee is still free but donations are much appreciated.


After 30 years in county service and the last 13 years as Director of the Zoo, Pam Mizuno retired in September 2021.   (see FOZ Newsletter September 2021 issue for more information.)   

In November 2021, Lorna Higashi-Tsue retires after 33 years working at the Pana’ewa Rainforest Zoo, where she was second in charge. (More information can be found in the FOZ December 2021 Newsletter.)

The ‘Alalā made their appearance in July, although some further work is planned to put some monitors up for the visitors so they can be viewed easier.

Our plant people have been working endlessly to restore the plants and orchids.  Thanks to Mike and Alan for their work planting Bromeliads and many other plants trying to bring some life back into the zoo landscape after the ADA project.



Eric from the Orchid Society has been delicately restoring life to the orchids and rescuing many that were lost when some of the trees came done.  Walking around the zoo you would think that there was never any construction working going on.  That’s how well the restoration has gone.

       Come and visit soon!

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