Pam Mizuno – Zoo Director

What’s News at the Zoo! 

Although the zoo has been closed for the past two months, we have been busy caring  for all our animal’s daily needs. Both staff and volunteers are committed to ensuring  the animals are well cared for during the closure. Animal enrichment volunteers are at  the zoo 5 days a week in limited numbers to ensure compliance with social distancing.

As parks and other facilities begin to open back up, many of you are looking forward to  visiting the zoo. I’m sorry to say that your visit will have to wait a few more months. On  Monday, May 11, 2020, construction commenced on our American with Disabilities Act  (ADA) improvement project. The zoo is scheduled to remain closed through the end of  November with construction completion tentatively set for March 2021.

That is not to say we have nothing new at the zoo! Our pair of Juliana Mini Pigs arrived  during our shutdown. Everyone will be able to greet them at the petting zoo when they  make their debut at the zoo reopening!

               Minnie Pig                                   Pinkie Pig

I would like to share all of these photos of our animals which were taken during the past  two months while the zoo was closed. It is going to be a long hot summer with lots of  loud noises to contend with, but rest assured our animals will be well cared for!

Take care and stay safe!

         White Bengal Tiger                                   Orange Bengal Tiger
       Ring Tail Lemur                                 Marmoset

            Giant Anteater                                 Asian Forest Tortoise

    Grey Crowned Crane                              American Alligator

        Dyeing Poision Dart Frog                                  Toucan

                          Emu                                           Hyacinth Macaw

             Eclectus Parrot                                        Black Swan

    Silver Pheasant                                            Call Ducks



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