Pam Mizuno – Zoo Director

What’s News at the Zoo! 

Construction at the zoo is steadily moving along.  It seems never ending as they jump from one section to another converting grassy landscaped yard into concrete sidewalks, ramps, and pads for picnic tables.  There will definitely be a ton of work and replanting to do to get the zoo back to the rainforest garden setting that it once was.  Hopefully, we will be able to safely reopen the zoo in early Spring.

Luckily, many plants and orchids are still thriving despite the daily ground shaking of the construction!  It always puts a smile on my face to get a glimpse of a beautiful orchid, vireya, bromeliad or other exotic flower in full display despite all the noise and chaos!!

The two resident Pueo were put to work during the week before Thanksgiving.  They helped University of Hawaii researchers test solar powered GPS tracking device prototypes.  Both Owls were fitted with several different harnesses and devices to determine the best fit.  I think they really enjoyed having the extra attention!

Now for the biggest news and best thing that has happened here in recent months.  Our Two-toed Sloths, Akala and Sid, provided us with the newest addition to the zoo!!!  On Sunday, November 8, 2020, Akala gave birth to a furry brown bundle of cuteness!  That weekend was the first time in weeks there was no construction for two consecutive days.  She must have been waiting for a period of quiet, calm and peace to get the job done.  I can’t say I blame her as my favorite time of the day is 3:30 pm after the construction workers leave!

Last, but not least…Tzatziki & Sriracha have been soaking up the good weather and at this point are more used to the construction commotion than the staff!  They seem to be handling it all with big yawns, long stretches and lots of naps!!

Wishing for a Christmas that is Merry & Bright and filled with promises for ringing in a New Year that will bring good health and happiness to all!








 Pueo, the Hawaiian Owl. 

 Two-Toed Sloth, hugging her baby.

                      Tzatziki, taking a snooze.

 Sriracha, stretching after a long lazy day.

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